Grunge Studios is charmed to present the Grunge Studios Print Media collection. This is a beautiful and delicately engineered collection of works produced using the art of printmaking.

The works with the G S P M stamp are cultivated using silk-screen, linocut and digital fine art pigment printing.

G S P M Editions is engineered to be original, and of exquisite quality. Craftsmen at leading British institutions in the United Kingdom handle every original limited edition work of art. The range embodies the use of internationally recognized standard quality vellum from makers like Hahnemühle, RIVE BFK, Somerset and Innova.

Grunge Studios is a practice that has an ethical approach to the science and technology of art.

Attention to detail, sensitivity towards materials and a robust, and intimate understanding of production techniques give integrity and elegance in equal measure to the G S P M.

Damilola Oshilaja was shortlisted by The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers in 2012.







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Limited Edition Original Print Work