Damilola Oshilaja

Damilola Oshilaja is a multi-disciplinary artist with a Master of Arts in Fine Art, from University of the Arts, London.  The London-based artist is one of the eighty-one artists...more



Ethical Art For Art Sake

Aesthetic Evolution is a story of changing styles, and imagination is more than a bystander in this tale - it is a force of driven energy. This force of driven energy is imagination meeting imagination exponentially.

The Landscape Redux

Within this artistic evaluation (and using imagination), the endeavour is to highlight and possibly expose the fundamentals that bind the heavens and the earth. 

Arte Grunge

The symbols in my work are codifiers that interact with the viewer on a conscious or sub-conscious level.  The sources are vast and varied as the impetus is primarily about adapting different forms of communication.  Read more




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